Herbology G Pen Gio UK


Herbology G Pen Gio UK

Herbology G Pen Gio has truly pioneered the path to testing and analysing cannabinoids for medical and recreational-grade products. The company is currently working with researchers and hospitals to develop pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid medications. Their analytics lab also played a significant role in ensuring every component of the Gio vape was safe for sale and public use. It’s safe to say they know a lot about the Gio. So it’s only natural they would produce their own pods for sale.

Moreover, Herbology’s selection of Gio pods includes strains like Forbidden Fruit, a smooth and tasty indica inspired by the many fruit-flavored terpenes found in California cannabis strains. Their Lemon blend is an uplifting sativa featuring the terpene profiles of Lemon Haze and Lemon Skunk. Grapefruit is a mellow hybrid with a sweet citrus flavor, and the Strawberry Mint 1:1 and 15:1 pods contain36-65% CBD with low THC quantities, so you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD without the strong psychoactive effects.

It provides optimal wicking and heating temperatures to provide balanced flavor as well as effects

Availability: Vape Cart Zone
THC percentage: 4% – 70%
Types: Sativa, Hybrid, CBD
Strains: Forbidden Fruit, Strawberry Mint 1:1 CBD, Strawberry Mint 15:1 CBD, Purple Grapefruit


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