Humboldt Farms Vape Cartridges UK


Humboldt Farms Vape Cartridges UK

Humboldt Farms Vape cartridges is with the use premium Humboldt-grown cannabis and a food-grade extraction process to make the oil for our cartridges. Each batch is distilled. Also lab-tested for purity and consistency before introducing our strain-specific blends of cannabis-derived and natural terpenes. The result is a more potent product that maintains the flavor and integrity of each strain.

The cartridges on offer by Humboldt Farms come in a rather unique metal case instead of the usual laminated cardboard and/or plastic of most others. Inside the packaging, the cart held in place by a folded piece of paper instead of a plastic holster. Aside from some minimal plastic wrap on the exterior to adhere to tamper-proofing standards the whole of the packaging is recyclable.

The metal case that the carts come in is a fantastic fit for using as a hard case. The case could also be used to transport your joints without worry of squishing or breaking. The labels are also very well designed, easily readable and both unique and eye catching enough to make them easy to spot on a shelf.

It also makes it a good pick for anyone who’s tight on the budget but wants quality. Buy Humboldt Farms Vape Cartridges UK


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